Sunday, April 21, 2013

Today's game plan

I'm trying something new today. 

This 'fatigue' has reached the point of ridiculous recently.  I get up, shower, feel great.  Go to work, 2 hours in feel good.  4 hours in, feel okay.  8 hours in, feel like a nap would be fantastic, 10 hours in, tired.  Drive home, exhausted.  Collapse on couch sleep for an hour, wake up, cook, drag myself around until everyone is in bed and then fall into a coma until the alarm goes.  Note - NOTHING got cleaned.
My boyfriend does laundry, cleans the kitchen and straightens up so we don't appear to be pigs, however, my house is NOT clean.  This is driving me crazy!
I decided that since my best time of day seems to be first thing after my shower then that is the only time I will get anything done.  I set an alarm (on my day off) for 6:45am, yuck.  I got up, dragged myself downstairs to the coffee pot and have made it to the couch.  I'm working on mustering the motivation to get in the shower and kick start this brilliant plan.
I am going to clean something, anything before the nap monster comes around the corner.  I am going to scrub a toilet or wash a floor or maybe even get something dusted.  This is my plan.
I just have to get off the couch, I just have to finish this coffee, I just have to stop blogging and get in the shower. 
Wish me luck!!!!!!  Dirty I come!

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