Friday, April 19, 2013

MS Walk - Goal accomplished!

So, in trying to find the 'pull up your socks, suck it up, fix the damn problem and move on' kind of gal' I used to be, I have decided to do something positive.  I will be participating in the MS Walk in my community on May 5th.  Here's why...
Reason 1) The money will go to a very good cause.  It will be used to support research in finding a cure, help to provide mobility aids and assistance to those in need and fund multiple programs and supports.
Reason 2) Any exposure given to this disabling disease will help.  I see very little coverage regarding it and the more people that become involved in these walks and fund raisers, the more awareness it will bring.
Reason 3) I have GOT to excuse myself from this pity party I've been at for the past few months and make the slightest attempt to find the old me...this is something the old me would have done!
I started with a goal of $125.00, then when I hit that, I raised it to $500.  I am now at $642.50 thanks to incredibly supportive co-workers, friends and family.  It's not a lot but with so many others across North America doing the same thing, this WILL help to make a difference.
I said in the beginning that although I may bitch and complain on this blog when I'm having a rough time, I will also post about good things and this is definitely one of them.

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