Friday, April 26, 2013

Climbing back out of hell (thank you steroids)

I was seriously petrified to start a 3 day course of iv steroids when I had read so much on line about all of the possible side effects.  I think most of these seem to be the worst when you are taking them orally and for a longer period of time though.  I did not have insomnia, I was still exhausted from being in a relapse.  I did not eat everything in sight, due to painful indigestion (did have that one).  I did not experience euphoria (would have been a nice change though) and I did not find myself grinding my teeth or being generally sketched out.  Overall, a nagging headache, heartburn and the discomfort of an iv outlet in my forearm for a few days.  Not really worth complaining about.

Also, I feel soooooo much better!  Okay, I'm not 100%, but I wasn't looking for a miracle.  I'm still numb in my leg and tingly in one arm, I'm still super tired.  I no longer feel though like walking 2 steps is just too much.  I don't feel like my whole entire body is off.  I'm not dropping everything I pick up and I'm not holding onto the wall to get up the stairs....this, is improvement.  I have gone through all of my past relapses at whatever pace my body wanted to get through it at.  My last one was a terrible, drawn out, no good, crappy time. 

At this point, all I'm thinking is God bless my neuro for suggesting this.  I will not hesitate to do a short course of steroids in the future when a relapse again rears her ugly head.  I will not tell myself I need to just suck it up, I will not ride it out because there is no need to put myself or my body through that any longer than necessary.

No, these are not for everyone.  Yes, I do believe that many people have had a terrible time on them.  For me though, I am absolutely relieved that not all relapses need to be a long lasting hell.  I am actually going to the grocery store now to buy some real food for my family that I will find the energy to cook.  Sorry kids, no more pizza, McDonald's or Chinese this week.

Talk soon!

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