Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm sooooo confused

I have researched and researched MS on the internet.  I think I've read every site there is as well as more blogs than I ever thought existed.  The only consistent thing I find is that there is currently no 'available cure'.  Even as far as what kind of disease it is there seems to be arguments.  Is it an auto-immune disease or is it inflammatory?  Maybe it's related to a vascular issue....who knows?  Really it's irrelevant for me right now as even if there is a cure, it's not something I can access.  I just want to figure out the 'right' way to minimize and delay this.

This is where the real confusion begins.  I have bought and read the MS Diet by Dr. Swank.  It basically had me eliminate dairy and saturated fats.  Which was actually a shocking amount of foods.  Overall, this lifestyle change would probably be healthy for anyone.  A naturopath I saw put me on an elimination diet which basically ended up in eliminating everything but rice at which point she triumphantly announced "that's it, you're allergic to rice!).  Nice, no more money for you lady!  I'm starving!!!!!

Other people have suggested the paleo diet for those with MS.  Similar to the Swank diet, slightly less restricting...much more expensive....lot's of organic/grass fed products.  Overall, one consistency is saturated fats in high quantities...primarily vegetable oils.  Okay, done.

I get that diet is linked, the reality is however, that I just don't have the willpower to give up everything I enjoy.  I like steak sometimes, I don't like paying $25 dollars for a teeny tiny one because it's grass fed.  Once in a blue moon I feel like yogurt....not soy based (I tried it, it's gross).  To top it off my favourite food in the entire whole wide world is Chicken parmigiana.  Where do I start, bread crumbs/oil/mozzarella cheese.....delicious....not okay on any of the above mentioned plans.

Next problem.  DMDs (disease modifying drugs).  My neuro was pretty damn insistent that I start these.  He felt it was absolutely necessary at this point.  My naturopath (at the time) felt the exact opposite - then again, my only problem was a rice allergy.  Doctors apparently get a kick back for getting new patients to start these drugs from the companies that produce them so they have a great incentive to recommend them.  People say they are loaded with carcinogens and lots of stuff that will make you even sicker over time.  The drug companies say they will reduce your relapses by up to 33%.  To me it's kind of like an anti-aging cream.  You use it faithfully your whole life to help you not look so old.  You have absolutely no way of knowing what you would have looked like if you hadn't used it, so you are left to just keep forking out loads of money in good faith that they are doing something.  How many relapses would I have had if I wasn't injecting daily????? Who knows for sure.

Exercise.  People with MS should exercise regularly.  They should not exercise to the point of exhaustion, over heating or push limits as this could trigger a pseudo-exasperation or worse, trigger a true relapse.  I used to weight train.  The only thing I know is to push my limits, sweat like a dog, yell, curse and be sick from it all at the end.  That was exercise and it was awesome!!!  I did a yoga workout a few weeks ago thinking that would be okay.  I guess I shouldn't have done the intermediate/advanced because I sweat a little and sure as shit started a full out relapse a few days later.  I'm not sure if they were related or coincidence so now I'm petrified to try again.  The only thing left is stretching.  BORING.

Ughhhh.  I know I sound super negative here.  I know that I have dissected every single good idea I've come across.  It just seems though that for every good idea there is another study or person explaining why it's a load of crap.

As I said....soooooo confused.

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