Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hey you!!

Hi there, yeah you, the one reading this entry.  I know that over 250 people have popped in and glanced at one or two things I've posted.  Probably 90% of you ended up here completely by accident and hit the big old back button on your browser immediately.  I do, however, think that at least a couple of people actually read through it.

So this is for those people.  I am asking you to leave a comment.  If you have anything to share at all that you think might help even the slightest, I'm all ears.  I'm still looking for recipe ideas, thoughts on copaxone, advice about exercise and even a little advice on what to do when I'm feeling really down and alone with all of this, which I am right now.

Just knowing someone, somewhere, gets it...well, that would be great to hear.

Thank for taking the time, it means more than you know,
Talk soon

1 comment:

  1. Hi there! Just happened upon your page. I've just started my own blog about my 10 year journey with MS. My blog includes recipes, exercise, and even what happened when I took Copaxone all those years ago. Stop by and see if anything might be helpful in your journey. I'm sorry to hear you're dealing with so many relapses in such a short time.